I have a background in Studio Sound Mixing so high quality audio is a passion of mine. I therefore use a professional grade sound reinforcement system at all events. If I feel the venue is large enough I will incorporate a subwoofer into the system so the sound will definitely thump during the dance part of the event. In the case of an emergency, I always have a back up system with me.

I will have my equipment installed and sound checked and be professionally attired in a suit or tuxedo before your guests arrive at the venue.

I utilize MacBooks and MP3 controllers at all events which are mixed through a multi channel mixer connected to the speakers. I use both cordless and hard wired microphones so speeches and presentations can be made from anywhere in the event room.

For an additional fee I can provide a small but still very high quality sound system along with cordless lapel microphones for use at your ceremony or for a cocktail hour should they be in a remote location or outside.